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Gabon, Duxaxe society, Hyundai Sonata , KIA Sportage


this is Mr. Lee of SNT trading company.

I `d like to share of my business review with you.

Hyundai Sonata, KIA Sportage Gasoline, Korea to Gabon

I met a customer from France through my partner in Gabon.

He came to Korea last Spring, 2018 and he wanted to build a business between Korea and Gabon.

Recently, Korean car is getting popular in public transportation in Gabon and their people hopping to desire to get their own car product by Hyundai or KIA.

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Deuxaxe, Kounda, Korea trip for Korean used car
Deuxaxe, Kounda, Irmand, Korea trip

He is A business man, so he was trying to sell Korean used car and quickly he decided to visit Korea but he didn`t have any person who can help him.

Finally, he met my partner in Gabon then he contacted me for this matter.

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Hyundai Santafe, Korean used car for sale