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Angola - situation getting better but there are many things to recover

Hello. all Members

This is Mr. Lee of SNT trading company.

It has been a long time ago since i updated last time here. (corea-auto) is platform to buy Korean used car but as you all know, it doesn`t work at all.

Kia K7, 2015 year model, Korean Used car, exporter, SNT trading company sells car to oversea.
kia k7, Angola, Korean Used car exporter

because of small products on sale.

I maintained to get another suppliers to build up this site but it wasn`t able to cooperate together. the most reason of the fail will be that all people wants to get the right answer right now.

Angola. 2015year modle. Korean used car exporter
Kia K7, SNT trading company.

but the other hands, I met many clients who want to build their own business. they was looking for reliable supplier to cooperate at once when they have idea.

usally 4 units available to load in 40 HQ container
How to load cars into container

I really like to talk with anybody who has desire to import car and i am trying to get their car properly.

Reality ..... many people just ask the price without any intention to deal with it.

so i usually ignore them if they don`t have intention to deal with me.

Don`t forget....

If you ready to buy..... you can take it without any stress.

low consumption high quality good price,,, Kia Morning
KIa Morning, economical transport

Hyundai Sonata 2017 year

Kia K7

Kia K5

Kia Morning

I was surprised when i finished the deal with clients from Angola.

one of them is my old client, like old brother.

one of them is new client, like new brother.

the latest client came to me suddenly to get their cars in Korea.

SNT trading company is trying to give good impression more than you imagine.
Hyundai Sonata, Gasoline, 2017 year

they trust me so that they can left their money to me for buying proper cars

and i keep sharing of information of car promptly up to they satisfied with car condition.

I did the best to compensate their effort. like you do...

Business follow simple way to deal.
SNT trading. Angola clients

Angola, still have problem for doing business but its situation got better than 4year ago. now there are many platform to buy cars through website. if you want to get any one from the site, you can take it easly. but one day you will realize what its problem was.

SNT trading, is waiting for your order.

Thanks to All members.

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David Carvalho
Mar 20, 2021

I need a car


Khaled Yassin
Khaled Yassin
Mar 08, 2021

سلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته

كيفيه التعامل للحصول على سيارة كيا كا3

موديل2015الي القاهره


شادي أبو شمسية
شادي أبو شمسية
Nov 03, 2020

Hi how are you


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