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port Durres , Albania _how to import Korean Used car

Dear sir / madam

This is Mr. Lee of

recently, many clients have been asking to how to buy or import car from Korea.

briefly speaking, it is very simple processing.

please check below;

  1. shipment type - 40feet container (not available to ship by RO-RO service)

  2. minimum quantity - sedan (4cars) or SUV (3cars) or sedan(2cars)+SUV(2cars)

  3. payment

  4. booking for shipment

if you are ready to do this business and willing to find supplier directly from Korea,

please contact me for sharing more detailed information.

there are another issue about shipping schedule.

some arguments happened at the area of Suez Canal

shipping freight going up everyday.

but it will be solved soon......

WhatsApp +821092137809

Mr. Lee (SNT trading company)

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