Angola, Used car market keep growing up after their currency value down.

Dear sir/ madam

I am Mr Lee,, in charge of selling cars to oversea.

as we knew, we almost are passing through tough time from COVID19.

really tough time.

located in Korea, used car, Hyundai motors, full option.
Hyundai Tucson IX

but i know one thing that can keep business going is..........

having good partnership with clients.

i want to be a good supplier for every clients who contacts me through website.

but personally i am not a perfect man in this used market. so i was willing to be a good man for few clients to build their business in their countries. and it worked

there are many risk in the field.

they seemed to build strong business for a while but suddenly,,,, COVID affects and import regulation changing... made them business down.

last September,

this car moved to Angola client.

according to the annual report,

300 cars goes to Angola from Korea. this amount is quit a big score.. comparing with last score in 2014`s import report.

Angolan has been in difficult for long time but now it looks they took over the many risk.

and their economic situation will be better and stronger than before.

Angolan people keep an eye on the used car market.

you will be the man who can take advantage .....

Thanks God

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