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upgrade Audio System, Sonata, Elantra, etc.


This is Mr.Lee of SNT trading company.

when buying a car, everyone might think of its Audio system.

if the car is too old year model, it might be used old Audio system.

Usually, people didn`t change the audio system, only a few people upgrade their system.

Audio system, upgrade, Sonata, Elantra, K5
Audion system, upgrade, Sonata, Elantra, K5

Because of budget.

Today, I `d like to introduce our partner for Electric system part.

This is Mr. Yun. (YG Car)

Mr.Yun. YG Car. Car Audio system. maintaining
Mr. Yun, YG CAR, Audio system, Electric system. Maintaing

He run his business which maintain the electrical part of the car, especially, for Audio line, Handle remote control, every lights and auto seat, without linked mechanical part.

Bluetooth, wifi, Audio system, used car
Bluetooth, wifi, DVD, Language, Upgrade Audio system

He fight with time because of a lot of demanding from exporting companies. sometime he and his workers finish the job in the middle of night or over the time until morning.

I couldn`t imagine this situation but he is young and he has a lot of passion on his work.

so everybody likes him and me as well.

Elantra, Nevigation, upgrade Audio system
Elantra, Nevigation, upgrade Audio system

After purchasing vehicle, if you like to upgrade of your any electrical part, Mr. Yun will be in charge in this all part of work.



nevigation system, car, used car, sonata
soanta,nevigation, Wifi, Dvd

we will upload the costs of upgrading parts case by case later, Today i will let you know the price of Audio System.

Nevigation System with Rear Camera, Bluetooth, DVD, Wifi, Language

based on Android 6.1.

its cost 300 $USD,

you can upgrade of your car audio system.

it is not difficult work for Mr. Yun.^^

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