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1. GENERAL is a platform to find Korean Used Cars from the exporting companies which want to sell their items to oversea. Recently has been founded with Well-Qualified exporters of car, who have been working at this field more than 20 years so that will help customers to find their perfect items. We ( or sales managers), are well qualified to dealing with cars, and to inspect car`s performance, and we supply the pre-inspection service of cars before making a decision to order  to purchase to any customers on offering reasonable prices. We enforce to give the correct information of each items for customers` satisfaction. We won`t stop finding Good quality of cars in order to give chance to find good vehicles for customers.


All stocks for sale, must be pre-inspected by our verified exporting companies or professional dealers before you making a decision to purchasing. We dare to make sure for  noticing exact information of vehicle`s conditions and damaged history.



We require 100% payment in advance prior to shipment or loading cars into container. and we accept 30% deposit of your full payment until when you pay all balance within 1 month and before shipment or loading into container.


We will book your vehicle to ship or load into container after confirmed your payment from bank. we won`t be hesitate to inform you about shipping information for booking and loading, of course we will send Copy BL immediately when we get it from Shipping Agent so that you can trace your vehicle where about and duration until arrival at your port.

5. TERMS OF USING welcomes you to visit and search information, and if you like be part of our member, it will be great for us. There is no any restrain to be a member. but all information reserved by, so when you reuse any information for personal need, be careful to not involved in fake trade. if we know this situation, you will not be available to use this website permanently.


1. Packing List  2. Proforma invoice  3. Commercial Invoice  4. Vehicle Registration sheet  5. Copy BL  6. Original BL will be delivered by DHL


As we all recognized about used item, sometimes we can involved in a claim of its condition you bought, we are willing to listen to your unhappy situation and we want you to discuss about certain fact and find solution for both business succeed. always fights to supply a good car and good service for your safe deal on-line shopping. Our member is all expert for this business, if you have any question for car , document, processing, and any interesting,  Do not hesitate to contact us. 

Enjoy your shopping.

August 8. 2018

Korean Used Car Export Team

194-52, Ongnyeon-dong, Yeonsu-gu

Incheon, Korea

Tel: +82-32-265-0015 

Fax: + 82-32-714-3975



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