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Do you know about Angola? Korean Used car

the most beautiful city, Luanda In Angola.

I show the news for introduction of Angola, in FaceBook many time.

and i missed the country...... some day i will visit......

Glovis. Angola Hyundai motors. Korean Used car
glovis, angola, port. Korean Used Car

Hello, everyone

Thanks for your interesting of this website and me.

this is Mr.Lee of

Today, i `d like share of my business history of dealt with Angola Clients before.

KIA K7, Korean used car for sale. KIA Motors
KIA K7. Angola. big wheel and tires

Hey. SNT ! do you have K7? 2012year model?

one day he suddenly came up to me and asked me his interesting through messenger.

SNT co. : hello..... yes. i have one in my stock.

Angola : I need more than 2.

SNT : No problem.... i can supply what you want.

Kia K7. Angola. port. Korean used car exporter
KIA K7. 21inch wheel and tires. Angola

then i started to communicate .....he wanted to upgrade of the cars. such as wheel and tires, air dam. exhausting muffler, looking nicely.

it was the first time to me about tuning cars and i was little worried but he already had many experiences so he help me to follow up his order. Korean car. second_hand
K7. Angola. SNT trading company.

1. convert LPG to Gasoline

2. change wheel and tires to Big size

3. air-dam

4. exhausting muffler (it makes engine sounds crazy) Angola clients. Korean vehicle
Angola Port. inspector. Korean Used Car

it was all about 3 years ago.

Do you know about Angola?

Decreasing Financial income of Angola, resulted from Oil price down, it affects all parts of Angola system, and family life. I knew Many people lost their job and started selling their assets at the streets to support their family. of course, my clients lost their job as well. Kia 7. Korean used car
Kia K7. looking nice.

the most difficult thing is that Angola government doesn`t have enough USD$ to cover their expenditure to oversea. and they suddenly stop all transferring out of country.

and it may resulted in stop doing business with clients and exporting companies have to endure of the delayed payments until now.......

Angola, Korea. Korean used car to Angola
Angola client, visiting SNT trading company.

But this crisis will be finished soon, i hope...and Angola People hope.

I will mention of this situation more later.


Angola. Korea. items. Korean car export. import
Angola client, I received. Thanks Mr. Lee

i hope Angola find good solution for their people, suffering from bad economic situation.

Angola Peace ^^

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