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Gabon, Libreville, Korean used car_Hyundai Tucson IX. export

Dear sir/ madam

I am Mr. Lee of SNT trading company of

I have been working at this field since 2007year and i have been met many clients from oversea on-off site. some of them are my best partner until now but many of them, they just passed by me.

Tucson ix 2017year. diesel, auto transmission. Hyundai Motor, exporter, used car exporter
Hyundai, Tucson IX, Gabon, Libreville

for doing business, i think we need to meet right person for mutual business in safe and strong.

Tucson ix 2017year, Hyundai Motor

still now... many customers ask me for making their business and offer me to supply good cars with cheap prices.

but you know, to make a business

they need to know import processing and their risks about payment.

the worst idiot,

Hey. i want to be your representative in here, please send me cars and i will sell them and transfer the money.

do you think it works?

its work is not difficult.
shoring. loading car into container

i am still meeting good clients and i served best option for them for successful business.

if you are the right person for doing this business, please contact me anytime.

1 car loaded into 20 feet container
Tucson ix, 20feet contaienr

this car loaded into 20feet container, and heading to Libreville, Gabon.

this client whom asked me to find Tucson, is the person who i met through my old partner.

i love my job and i want to make my all partners happy through my service.


my whatsapp always open.


Mr. Lee of SNT trading company.

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გია ლამპარაძე
გია ლამპარაძე
18.08.2021 г.

Why prices are not specified 가격이 지정되지 않은 이유


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