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Hyundai Used Truck (H100), How to prepare for selling to overseas by

How are you? today.

This is Mr. Lee of

today i `d like share some information about how to prepare its items for selling to oversea.

H100, Hyundai Used Truck. transmission fix
Hyundai H100, Used Freezer Truck.

there are "check points" when i inspect car.

@ engine performance with transmission working.

@ Air-conditioner

@ Timing Chain and belts

@ power switch , and many buttons working.


then i start to fix it....

H100, Timing Chain fix. Hyundai truck
H100, Timing Chain Replace. Hyundai truck

Hyundai Used Trcuk (H100),

it had problem on Timing Chain because this car run over 200,000 KM.

I order to change the Timing Chain.

some engineer change only few parts to get more profits without noticing clients who want to fix.

but it wasn`t working on me. ^^

engine room. timing chain fix. H100
engine room. timing chain fix

Full Set of Timing Chain Replaced.

Timing Chain, H100, Hyundai Truck
Timing Chain. H100

Timing Chain,

if this chain stretch, when you start on the key, you can listen the noise from engine box,

like something hit the wall.

then we find out it has a problem on it.

Hyundai Truck, H100, Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama
H100, Nicaragua, Honduras. Panama

this had a problem on the timing chain only, so after fixing it, i order to make it polish.

then i put on the internet for selling. if there are another problem, i must to order to fix them properly.


this truck goes to Nicaragua, Panama, Honduras clients.

you will understand when you try to buy truck, you must check engine, transmission and timing chain first.

to be continued....................

thanks for visiting our website.

i will come back with another information soon.

this is Mr. Lee of SNT trading company.

World Peace

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Apr 07, 2023

First i need to sell junk car and then after that i will buy a second hand car from Hyndai dealers.


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