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AWAD from Sudan, We are looking for Kia Picanto, Chevorlet Spark, Gasoline

Hello. Everyone.

this is Mr. Lee of Corea - auto. com.

I am doing my best to launch this website everyday. finally, every clients who joined the website, will get many benefits for dealing Korean used car.

Sudan. Korean Used car.
Sudan. Korean Used car for sale

Today, we have clients from Sudan. they want to buy KIA Picanto, Chevorlet Spark.

They are not available to speak English well. but it is not much problem to communicate together.

Sudan. Korea car for sale
you look so friendly. Sudan

we sells cars on-line and off-line, both way.

Most of clients from Africa, they want to check car by themselves so even we offer good items , they hope to see it first of all.

Sudan. Korean used car export
Spark. Gasoline. damage free

that is why it is very difficult to deal with them through on-line.

But many Korean companies have tried to sell units on-line since long time before.

Mir Motors. Korean used car.
we look Korean car through Car Auction with Mir Motors

we, Corea-Auto, started to launch the own website. it has to go long way to be known on used car market.

It is Business. it is not much problem because we run our biz on the base of off-line market.

Time passing by and new situation will come up to us suddenly.

be patient. ^^

it is going t be fine.

Mr. Lee

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