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Supplying Korean car to Cambodia_SNT trading co_[]

Good Morning.

Hello. Everybody.

This is Mr.Lee of Corea-Auto. How are you today?

I have been doing busy for working with Cambodian Clients.

Cambodia, Korean Used car export

Cambodia, Korean Used Car export
Cambodia. Korean Used Car

now Cambodian Used Car market is the second biggest county which buy Korean Used car.

I used to export truck and mini van to the county since 2012year from time to time. and i still have good partner in Cambodia. recently Korean Used Car Export Market moves slowly, i decided to supply car directly to the partner again.

Mighty, export, Corea_auto
Mighty 2.5 ton BOX, 140hp

She was happy to work with me again, and i will keep focusing on supplying good and many items.

I have started to sell Hyundai Might 2.5 ton BOX truck first, mostly exported item from me is that i bought directly from end-user in Korea, not from car auction, not from another car dealers.

that is why i can offer item with good price. and i am keep searching to find good items for her.

Incheon Port, Korea

Incheon Port, Korea, Cambodia, Sihanoukville, Phnom Penh
Incheon Port, Korea,

as you know this site almost has been built, now i need to good suppliers to put many items on the site...... it is a bit hard to figure out but it is ok...... time....

Fortunately, our site member gets increased....

중고차수출, 마이티수출, 캄보디아, 중고차수출업체
중고차수출, 코리아오토닷컴

Dear Member,

one day you guys, will find out how much this site works efficiently for you.

this site , Corea-Auto will fill with direct suppliers like my business type.

and my client who want to buy car from here feel comfortable to deal with us.

Thanks for being a member of Corea-Auto.

That is all for today and i was Mr. Lee


Nov. 1st, 2018

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