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Azerbaijan, Welcome Korean Used Car.

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Hello. Everyone.

This is Mr. Lee of Corea-auto.

Today, I`d like to share of our business to all our members.

Korean Used Car to Azerbaijan, Baku

Azerbaijan, Korean Used car,
Loading Cars Into the Container

we joined in the Program to supporting Azerbaijan by Korean Government, as used car exporting part. One month ago, they who involved in the program, contacted me and made a deal for local transporting and car loading into the container.

Program to supporting Azerbaijan by Korean Government

Korean Used car, Lashing, Azerbaijan
lashing in the container, how wonderful work.

they don`t have much information about the processing related in transporting and loading. for us, it is not much problem.

i made a schedule for all this process and let them know how to follow up.

I booked for loading 10 units with Loading Company. (amounts for 3 container)

I ordered to bring cars to Loading yard one day before loading.

and loading cars in time.

the most important thing is "work in time".

they gave me the limited time for maintaining container.

all containers must be arrived in the specific area in Incheon Port by 1 PM

at the same day with loading day.

Today, Truck starts to come to the loading yard with 40feet container.

Korean Used Car to Azerbaijan
good day for loading

shipping mark,
shipping mark.

1. 4 small cars

2. 2 trucks and 1 SUV

3. 2 SUV and 1 car

total, 3 container, 10 units

It took arround 30 mins for loading cars into the container for each container

Korean used car to Azerbaijan
battery line out

Finally, we finished this work earlier than they expected.

we hope all the cars inside container will not have damaged during the local transit time in Azerbaijan. If the road condition is not good in Azerbaijan, cars inside container will be damaged even if the lashing work was perfect.

I informed this work to the person who involved this program.

Everything is clear now.

lashing car into the container.
lashing car into the container. well-skilled people

if you have any interest in buying Korean car and hope to bring them into your countries, do not hesitate to contact me.

please watch the full video for this work.

That is all for Today. I was Mr. Lee


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