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Korean Used Car to Ethiopia _ SNT trading company. Hyundai Avante, H1, Kia Morning for sale

he made excellent choice for his own business. and he is happy to work with me.
Korean Used Car to Ethiopia. SNT trading

Hello. our members.

I hope you guys all good and family all healthy.

This is Mr. Lee of SNT trading company.

I am running of this website including blog,

Today. I`d like to show up my successful job during last month.

I met a client who want to open his business in Ethiopia. Actually he lives in Australia but he is Ethiopian.

Grand Starex, Kia Morning, Hyundai Avante, Accent
SNT trading yard, waiting for load

He was searching for his own business in Ethiopia, and finally he made a decision to open Used car shop in there. First time when he decided to open this business, he couldn`t find any information about the Korean used car export from Korea.

My client asked to platform company sells Korean used car, but they couldn`t follow his request in properly. and he realized how to build the business.

Yes, He needs a company which can keep his order then follow as he exactly designed.

4 or 5 cars can be loaded into 40 feet container.
loading cars into container

when he visited my office, we shared a lot of information to build his business and mutual business together.

what do you think of this Mr. Lee?

what about this one?

I think so. I don`t think so.

waiting for loading into container
Hyundai Avante, 2014year model

Finally, he decided to buy Hyundai Grand Starex 12 seat, Hyundai Avante, Hyundai Accent, and Kia Morning

from 2012 to 2016 year model.

Automatic transmission, Gasoline

we export Korean Used car to overseas. by
SNT trading company Shipping Mark

by the time he left from Korea, his purchasing is not finished but he left order and budget to me. he felt everything is safe with me.

after his departure, i organized to load cars into container and i did it successfully.

you can see the all processing on my Youtube channel.

If you like to talk with anything about this business, please contact me anytime.

this is Mr. Lee


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3 opmerkingen

12 mei 2023

I am from Ethiopia too. I am interested in this business. Thank you. Here is my email address.


Zamiq Manafov
Zamiq Manafov
10 mrt. 2022

Salam.siz koreyadan Azərbaycana bir maşın üçün nə qədər ödəniş istəyirsiz?


24 sep. 2019

i am very happy to advise me this business in sudan ,cut care used machine and salvage car, thank you for help business, old model we can cut aparts ,please davice/one container test.


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