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[coche coreano] Korean Used car to Peru. Mir motors. David Joo



Hola. ¿cómo estás?

this is Mr. Lee of

Today I`d like to introduce our member, David Joo, running Mir_motors. He has been working for this business since 1995 and today he met a longtime friends by chance at the export zone. They came to check heavy trucks, small van, something available, they like to inspect by themselves because of their country only accepts to import car which manufactured under 3 year, and along with under 80,000 km driving.

mir_motors, Peru friends. coche coreano
mir_motors. Peru Friends. coche coreano

David Joo, Mir_motors, speaks Spanish so his main business target was for Mid_American(south American) countries, such as Peru, Chile, Dominican Rep..

David Joo, he has many experiences to sell Bus to many countries as well.

David_Joo, Mir-motors, Peru, coche coreano
David_Joo, Mir-motors, Peru

If you speak Only Spanish, David Joo will responds your inquiry or talking with him by messenger. As I mentioned, David Joo had lots of experience of this business, so if you worry for this business, you can get advise from him.