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Hyundai Porter Freezer, Honduras, Nicaragua from Korea


this is Mr. Lee of

most countries which import Korean Used car, decreased amount of importing vehicles for business recently.

But it is going to be fine..

Hyundai Porter Freezer, Honduras, Nicaragua
Hyundai porter freezer. Honduras

Today I`d like to share of our business history before.

today it is 4th Aug. 2018

Hyundai Porter ice-box, Korean used car for sale
Hyundai Porter Freezer, Honduras

Hyundai Porter Freezer Box to Honduras, Nicaragua

one day, Young and smart client contacted me to ask for Hyundai Freezer box to import his country.

korean used car for sale
KIA Bongo freezer BOX

Honduras : Hello. there!

I `d like to know your final price to sell for me.

SNT co : you can get it from internet market place. why did you contact me?

you can be sure of safe dealing with me?

Honduras : Yes. of course, I knew the market place. but i want to collect car from supplier directly because of the price.

SNT co : Alright..... i can sell the units without charge for market place and a bit more discount from my side.

KIA bongo freezer, Korean used car for sale
KIA bongo Freezer. Honduras

then finally, we finished the deal and after got unit by his hand,, he offered more Freezer.

but after the dealing , the price of Hyundai freezer box started increasing sharply , so he gave up to import anymore after second deal or he met another supplier to get cheaper unit.

Kia, Hyundai, Freezer box. Korean used car export
Freezer box. Honduras

this situation happened from time to time, everybody understand this situation. it is okay.

everyday i am looking for getting good trucks to supply again for someone.


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