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in Gabon Korean Used car from


this is mr. lee of corea-auto. today, i `d like to share of our business history with all of you.

Korean used car in Gabon

Now Started..

Korean Used car in Gabon. DEUXAXE SOCIETY

Gabon, Korean Used car,  DEUXAXE
Gabon, Korean Used Car, DEUXAXE

i posted about Gabon clients last few month ago. finally, the container which loaded Kia 2 Sportage, Hyundai 1 Elantra arrived at my client yard in Gabon.

[Gabon Deuxaxe society] you can see the post by clicking.

Gabon, Korean used car, DEUXAXE

my client collected car to follow his clients order up from me. so when car arrived at his yard, they checked car condition all together at the same time.

1. Hyundai Elantra (Gasoline)

2. KIA Sportage (Gasoline)

mostly, car condition is good expect one door bad painting on out-body. they informed me.

but they mostly satisfied with my work.

Gabon, Korean Used car.
Elantra, Korean Used Car, In Gabon

clients asked good condition , cheaper cheaper price... always.....

sometimes, we pay back to clients who didn`t satisfied with the quality of car. but this time client asked to buy cheap price car too much. that`s why there was no room for repairing the door. it is small matter and the quality is ok..... i thought

Gabon, Korean Used car, corea-auto
Elantra, Gabon, Korean Used car

I push my clients to understand this situation. now they are ok.

and my partner in Gabon, is trying to find more customers again.

I hope this biz with my partner is going to be settle down in near future.

Watch the video for full processing work. from Korea to Gabon


Mr.Lee of

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