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Korean Used Car heading to Gabon 40feet container.


This is Mr. Lee of SNT trading company, one of member of

today, i`d like to share of my business for your potential business with us.

Heading to Gabon, Korean Used Cars

I have a partner in Gabon, Martial, (you can see the guy on main page here.)

He is also business man like us. and he run his business there and sometimes his clients give a order to bring Korean car for them.

as you think, Following up the orders is part of my job.

at the beginning of this year, A client visited me to get Cars for his friends in Gabon.

and finally, he got 3 units of Korean Vehicle.

Hyundai Sonata (2units)

Hyundai Tucson 4*4 Diesel

there was some mistake from the client for choosing car and it affected him to collect his car on time, and he could not pay the full amount so that he left car in my yard for 5 month.

Finally, he solved all problems and he ordered to send his car to Gabon

today is the day for his container.

If you are looking for Korean used car supplier with any reason,

Please join this website and find your car or make a inquiry for your interesting.

join and go forward same goal.

your partner in Success.


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