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Mir Motors. Korean used car to Peru



This is Mr. Lee of

I`d like to share of our work with you all for understanding this biz and your safe dealing with anyone. There was a schedule to send cars to Pyeongtaek port, Korea. it is far from Incheon.

mainly, EUKOR vessel starts from the port. that is why we have to send items to Pyeongtaek port in advance before 2 days.

Shipping to Peru from Korea

Hyundai Elantra. Peru used car. Korean Used car
Elantra. Hyundai Avante. Mir Motors. Peru

Mir Motors.

President : David, Joo

Language : Spanish

Carrier : 20 years for used vehicle exporting and importing.

Photos : visit the page (HOME-> ABOUT)

you can see the more information on the page

( Korean used car for sale member. Mir motors

Today, David, Joo and me, we prepared to send cars to the client who imports them to his country, Peru.

Peru Vehicle Importing Regulation

1. under 5 years from the production

2. under 80.000 km driven